Learn Landscape Photography

Udemy brings you this course Learn Landscape Photography by Ray Salisbury that looks at landscapes and teaches you how to plan and implement coastal landscape shoots. It will help you learn to go on location with more confidence and knowledge to capture beautiful scenes.

Udemy Learn Landscape Photography

The course is is 1 hour long that consists of 7 short lessons with a preview video of the course. The video lessons consist of introduction, camera gear and settings, composition and resources.

Price: $12.99 (discounted by 35% from $19.99 )

Duration: 7 short lessons (1hr)


  • Learn the basics of photography
  • Affordable course
  • Video lessons are short and digestible


  • Lacks practical knowledge
  • Explanations aren’t always clear
  • To basic if you have experience

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The Practicing Photographer

LinkedIn Learning brings you this course The Practicing Photographer taught by Ben Long photographer and teacher. Each instalment focuses on a photographic shooting scenario, a piece of gear, or software technique. After watching a video instalment you are inspired to pick up your camera (mouse or smartphone) and try out a technique.

LinkedIn Learning The Practicing Photographer

LinkedIn Learning The Practicing Photographer

This course is currently (38h 11mins) with numerous video instalments. I say currently as this course is a little different from others as it is an ongoing series that is constantly being added to. Current instalments include Choosing a camera, shooting without a memory-card, working with reflections and many many more. Instead of viewing this as a course it is more like a resource that you can keep referring back to and picking up the instalments that are relevant to you.

Price: Monthly Subscription: $29.98 or Yearly Subscription: $19.99

Duration: Currently  (38h 11mins) Ongoing series


  • Highly recognised instructor
  • Wide range of topics covered
  • Focus is for you to try out the technique after watching


  • If you wanted an individual course with a start and end this is not it
  • You can’t buy the course individually
  • No certificate of completion

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